Analysis of Thickness and Characteristics of Customized Glass for Display Rack

Ⅰ. What thickness of glass is generally used for display rack customization?

Display rack customization should choose professional and formal manufacturers to provide services. There are many requirements for display rack customization. In addition to strict style and quality requirements, the thickness of custom countertop glass also receives a lot of attention. The thickness of the countertop glass is customized for the display rack, which directly determines the quality and stability of the countertop. There are strict criteria for thickness selection.

1. General thickness of countertop glass

Usually, the glass thickness of the customized products of the display rack is generally about 10mm. Of course, the specific analysis should be carried out in combination with the specific situation. Different types of display racks such as the medical shop display racks have different glass thickness requirements. If different products are placed, the glass thickness requirements will be different. Generally about 10mm thick is enough. It can be adjusted as needed when processing custom retail displays.

2. Laminated glass

In order to make the use quality of the display rack countertop glass stable and reliable, in addition to choosing the appropriate thickness of glass for customization, you should also choose laminated glass. Laminated glass can ensure strong stability and avoid accidental collision and breakage.

3. Customize as needed

In the selection of countertop glass, customized display rack for shop should be determined according to actual needs. The size and thickness should be judged according to the specific situation, so that it is convenient to choose the matching glass thickness and size, and give full play to the functional advantages of the boutique display cabinet.

The above is a specific introduction to the thickness of the customized countertop glass of the display rack. It is recommended to choose glass with strong durability and stability, especially to seal it with suitable glue, so that the countertop and the display rack can be perfectly combined, and give full play to the advantages of sturdiness, stability and durability.

Ⅱ. What are the characteristics of high-quality display racks?

The quality of the display rack wholesale determines the display effect of the exhibits to a large extent. Before customizing the display rack, the customer will communicate with our manufacturer about their own needs, not only the appearance design should be novel, but also the craftsmanship and function should not fall. And a good display rack customization requires many details to be considered, so what are the characteristics of a high-quality display rack?

1. The appearance of the display rack is beautiful and novel

Beautiful display racks are easy to attract the attention of customers and can also leave a good initial impression. Therefore, the design and material requirements on the appearance are very high. The display rack is to show the characteristics of the product to customers. Even if the product itself has no characteristics, we have to create its shining point. This can be highlighted by lighting. By adjusting the brightness of the light, let the product shine brightly under the light.

2. Before designing the display rack, the environment of the display should be considered

Now whether it is a street or a shopping mall, the rent is very high, so the size of the custom display rack made is too large, and the additional land cost will be much higher, so it is necessary to consider how to use the smallest area to arrange the display rack in an optimal place. At the location, it is guaranteed that the displayed products can be seen by customers in all directions.

Display racks are suitable for all major industries, whether it is jewelry, cosmetics, clocks, mobile phones, clothing, they can all be displayed on display racks. Only by customizing display cabinets that meet product needs can the advantages of products be highlighted, and the transaction rate will naturally be increased, which is one of the reasons why customers are keen on custom display racks.