Custom Shoe and Bag Display Racks – Save Money with This Approach

Currently, many owners of shoe and bag stores choose to have their shoe and bag display shelves customized by manufacturers. The advantages of custom-made display shelves are obvious: they are better suited to the store's needs with more personalized designs and sizes. So, what are the ways to save money when customizing display shelves for shoes and bags?

Simplify the structure design of shoe and bag display shelves

When the display stand manufacturer designs the stand, the designer will add a lot of glass as layer boards to increase the transparency of upper and lower floors. However, using glass instead of wooden sheets will increase costs.

Actually, changing the material of the product display rack will not make a big difference in most cases. Don't make too much change to the existing display stand structure. Currently, many custom-made display shelves are modified from existing products, and the manufacturer may add some ideas to the stand to make it "multi-functional."

For example, adding drawers or cabinets will increase the cost, and therefore, extra fees will be charged. If the store does not need drawers or cabinets, don't add them.

Choose suitable materials for shoe and bag display shelves

Many businesses tend to follow trends when customizing display shelves, and tend to use the same materials as their competitors, leading to high prices for the stands, which may result in cancelling orders due to budget constraints.

Nowadays, there are more and more materials available for display shelves, such as stainless steel, aluminum profiles, and acrylic sheets. Display shelves made of these materials are usually expensive. The materials for display shelves that are both budget-friendly and practical are mainly wood and iron.

Choose suitable craftsmanship for shoe and bag display shelves

The craftsmanship for different materials varies. For traditional display shelves, the material is usually unpainted boards with iron paint, which is affordable. Wood paneling with paint can also be used, which looks more beautiful. If you use materials like stainless steel and aluminum profile, electroplating is necessary, which leads to a much higher price.

To save money on custom-made display shelf and custom product display stand, unnecessary structures should be avoided, such as drawers or cabinets. Choosing suitable materials is essential to control the price of the display rack. There are many ways to do display rack craftsmanship, and simple methods can also look beautiful. From a production in bulk perspective, custom-made display shelves for shoes and bags have obvious advantages.