Three Design Ideas for Shoe Shop Display Stands

In addition to the sofa and lighting elements in the decoration of the shoe store, the shoe shop display stand is also an important existence. The exterior of the shoe store is mainly reflected in the decorative style, while the interior is mainly reflected in the display shelf of the shoe store.

Because the shoe shop display stands not only enrich the visual experience of customers, but also help to beautify the monotonous shoe store products. A good shoe shop display stand can better display the charm of the shoe store and increase the overall grade and taste of the shoe store. However, shoe store merchants need to pay attention to the coordination with the overall space of the store when designing the shoe shop display stands.

Due to their small size, shoes are more difficult to attract people's attention than clothes, textiles, etc. Therefore, display stands are particularly important to attract customers' attention to fashion personality.

1. Design elements of shoe shop display stands

The shoe store display stand must have prominent logos, colors, artistic components, etc., and must be different from other display stands, and cannot be static.

2. Shoe shop display stands should be concise

Whether it is the overall image of the shoe store or the shape of the display stand, we should try our best to achieve "integration" and "simplification", avoid cumbersome shapes, and bring consumers a comfortable consumption experience with a clear, concise and practical principle.

3. The color of the shoe shop display stands should be coordinated

The color design of the shoe store display stand is simple, and the color should not change too much, which will easily lead to visual fatigue of consumers and fail to achieve outstanding results. Choose a commonly used color. If you don't know, you can use the logo of the LOGO store, use the standard color or similar color to solve it easily. White and bright colors add to the breadth of the space. If the color is dark, the space will feel dull, depressed and melancholy.

At present, shoe stores use various materials for making display stands, such as metal, solid wood, veneer wood grain, and baking paint. Therefore, when choosing a display stand, you need to consider your own product style, the decoration style of the shoe store, etc. Only by choosing the right shoe store display stand materials, can we better display the shoe store product features and brand image, and create an exclusive brand display stand.

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