• cake display rack
  • cake display rack

Leadshow Cupcake/Cake Display Shelves Racks

Customized cake display shelves racks for retail store. It can be customized with refrigeration function or desktop display rack. You can customized floor display stand cake display rack, counter display stand cake display rack, wall display stand cake display rack. It can be customized with different materials. We also provide the bread rack for shop, welcome to contact us.

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Custom Cupcake Display Shelves from China Leadshow

China Leadshow provides a wide selection of custom cupcake display shelves at great bulk prices. This shelf is designed to hold multiple cupcakes, making it easy to display and store the product. The shelf is made of durable plastic, making it easy to clean and maintain. It also has a modern design to match any store's aesthetic. The shelf is also adjustable and can be configured to fit any space, making it a great option for any retail environment. China Leadshow's custom cupcake display racks are an economical choice that looks great and is sure to attract customers to any store. Furthermore, with the bulk pricing on offer, it makes the product even more attractive to potential buyers.

Custom Cake Display Shelves for Shop

Leadshow is a wholesale supplier of custom bakery display racks for sale, including cupcake display shelves for shops. They offer a range of custom cake display shelves that are designed to showcase your baked goods in the most attractive way possible. These custom bakery display racks are available in various sizes and configurations, depending on your needs. With Leadshow's expertise in bakery display racks, you can rest assured that your cakes and cupcakes will be presented in the most professional manner. Choose Leadshow as your bakery display rack wholesale supplier to elevate your shop and enhance your customer's shopping experience.

Still not find the custom solutions for your shop, contact Leadshow display stand manufacturer for more designs of product display stand for shop.

Features of Cake Display Rack


floor display stand, counter display stand, wall display stand etc.


wood, metal, acrylic, plastic, glass etc.

Application for:

supermarket, store, shop mall etc.


Sea, air, land or combined transportation are supportable.



FAQ of Cake Display Rack

  • Q

    I want to order 2 cake display stands for my wedding party, could you customize for me?


    Sorry! We have minimum order quantity about customized food display shelf. We mainly undertake orders from chain stores, brand zones, trade wholesale and mass customization customers. The minimum order quantity needs to be more than 100 pieces.

  • Q

    I have a special event and want customized cake display stand with 200 pieces. Can you help me?


    Of course! We are happy to help make this cake display stands uniquely yours! Please call us to discuss options - minimum order and additional fees.

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