6 Key Points to Consider when Customizing Display Shelves in a Mall

Design and manufacturing of display shelves involve negotiations on pricing throughout the process. The cost of the display shelves is a major factor affecting the price, and if the cost cannot meet the requirements of the shopping center, there is a risk that the racks will be eliminated. Therefore, brand merchants, designers and display rack manufacturers must work closely together to better meet the requirements of the shopping center. 

Here are a few key points to consider when understanding and implementing the design and production of display shelves in shopping centers:

  • Some merchants may not be familiar with the procedures for custom product display stand in shopping centers. Shopping mall management has requirements and regulations for display shelves and other display products. Therefore, merchants need to first understand the related requirements of the shopping center for display shelves and then find a suitable display rack manufacturer that can fulfill the requirements. It is also important to work closely with the designers of the display rack manufacturer to comply with the shopping center's regulations.

  • Designers at the retail display racks manufacturers should have basic knowledge of the requirements of the shopping center, be familiar with shopping mall decoration requirements, and have information on installation at the site of the display rack in the mall. They need to understand basic electrical circuits and lighting as well as relevant installation and protection measures.

  • Installers need to be mindful of not damaging the store’s facilities when installing display shelves. Clean-up needs to be conducted after installation, including the removal of debris generated during installation.

  • Attention should be paid to the size of the display shelves required by the shopping center. Different shopping centers have different transportation channels, especially for the height limits of doorways. When transporting the display shelves, it is important to measure the size of the transportation channel. In the process of designing the display rack drawings, the size of the transportation channel should be taken into account.

  • With the development of environmentally friendly products in various industries, shopping centers also have requirements for the display rack materials, in addition to the basic functions and aesthetics of the racks. The display stand manufacturer needs to fill in the corresponding environmentally friendly materials in the design drawings.

  • The safety of display shelves is always important to shopping centers. As a custom display rack manufacturer, it is important to have knowledge of the safety structure of the display shelves. In the face of unstable custom requirements, dialogue and rectification are necessary to prevent safety-related issues that may lead to regret.

To conclude, while customizing display shelves, it is important to understand the relevant requirements of the shopping center, find a suitable display rack custom manufacturer, ensure that the installation of the display rack does not damage the existing facilities, pay attention to the size of the transport channel during customization, use environmentally friendly materials, and give priority to the safety structure design of the display rack. These are the key points that need to be considered when designing and manufacturing display shelves to be used in shopping centers. We hope readers have found this useful.