How to Use the Display Rack for Shop to Enrich Commercial Space?

The design styles of store display racks are also changing with each passing day and are not uncommon. As an important part of commercial space, store display racks will play an increasingly important role. New materials and new techniques emerge from time to time. How to design and arrange display cabinets in a specific commercial space environment is particularly important. After the commercial space is determined, as the main component and embodiment of the space environment function, the display cabinet is one of the most important components in the commercial space design, and its role is very important.

In order to allow consumers to experience an irreplaceable shopping process, commercial space is in a consumer-centric modern business society. In this way, trust in products and enterprises can occur, and transactions can be concluded. So how to use the display rack for shop to enrich commercial space? It is divided into the following 4 points that make the visual perception different from the actual situation.

1. The volume and density of the store display stand are adjusted to the same function as the commercial space scale display cabinet. The volume difference of the display rack for shop has a greater impact on the commercial space. It is beneficial to make the space open and tidy, and is often used in small spaces and narrow environments.

2. Concealment and display of store display racks, adjustment of commercial space scale The hidden and obvious display cabinets refer to the relationship between the shape of the display cabinets and the environment. The "hidden" display stand is integrated with the environment and becomes the background of the visual center in the environment. The size, however, tends to vary greatly.

3. The visual difference effect of the display rack for shop adjusts the commercial space scale. The so-called visual difference effect is due to the effect of visual laws. In addition to the most basic functions of displaying products.

4. Store display racks in commercial spaces. It should also have aesthetic taste, or embellishment of commercial space and publicity of product or enterprise self-individuality. In the process of using it, its functional scale and texture should make people satisfied, and when it exists alone, the artistic style will appear immediately. There is a strong sense of presence in the space, and at the same time, it should not be overwhelming and steal the limelight of the displayed products or corporate images. This is also an important aspect of modern display cabinet design efforts to pursue and seek breakthroughs.

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