Main Principles for Display Shelves in Brand Chain Stores

In daily business, many merchants do not pay much attention to store decoration when opening a shop. When they start their business, they believe that the product is the key. In fact, when decorating the store, you need to pay attention to the coordination of the product and the display rack, and the placement of the display rack.

Guided Placement of Display Shelves

The basic layout of the display rack that guides customers depends on the channel formed by the display rack, which determines the flow of customers. Whether using vertical intersection, diagonal intersection, radial flow, free flow, or straight line, flexible space for movement should be reserved to accommodate changes in new products and adjust the layout of the display rack at any time. Therefore, various shelves in modern shopping malls are in the form of combinations, and only a few brand stores adopt a fixed form.

Neat and Uniform Area of the Display Rack

Compared with grocery stores, display shelves with display functions can better utilize commercial space. The purpose is to arrange the products more neatly, so that customers can see at a glance and find the products they need at a glance. Through emotional display of merchandise, product information can be more accurately conveyed to customers, and purchasing decisions can be strengthened.

Display Shelves as a Service Facility for Sales Staff

It is also the basic display facility for sales personnel to provide high-level service to customers. Not only tables, desks, cabinets, etc. are used to place different items, but also to facilitate salesperson to introduce and supply customers to choose.

A set of display shelves separates different types of sales and forms a sales team. When customers enter the store, they can see the wide variety of products in the store through the channel network composed of display shelves.

The store needs a suitable area and space to allow the display rack to be placed well and the products can be horizontally displayed with different varieties, while different specifications and grades of the same variety can be vertically displayed. Good store display rack placement is not only beneficial to product placement, but also to sales staff for stocking, shipping, and cleaning.

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