Selection and Design Method of Display Rack Manufacturers

Ⅰ. What conditions should the display rack manufacturers meet?

At present, there are many display rack manufacturers on the market, but what conditions need to be met to choose a good display rack manufacturer?

The display rack manufacturer should have a design team. After repeated adjustment and continuous improvement of any product, each design step is a new product with different appearance and different structure, so each new product needs to be repeatedly designed by the team to make a perfect product. There is no best, only better.

The display rack manufacturer has complete workshop assembly line operations such as woodworking, painting, assembly, hardware, and organic craft workshops.

Display rack base material, hardware accessories and material brands, whether there are certification materials, lamps, brands, whether the display rack box board is moisture-proof, etc.

The process mainly checks whether the decorative panel, box body and sealing strip are formed by machine, and whether the front and back sides are pressed. Long-term use of the product will not cause paint peeling and deformation. Whether the sealing strip is sealed, and whether the sealing strip is not tightly sealed will lead to the entry of oil smoke, dust and insects. When checking the craftsmanship of the display rack, attention should be paid to its details, such as whether there are small collapsed edges on the edges and whether the sealing strips are tight.

Ⅱ. Several common methods of display rack design

To customize a high-quality display rack, the display rack design cannot be too sloppy.

1. Chinese minimalist display rack design:

In order not to make the space appear depressing, the traditional design of setting up cabinets on the wall was abandoned, but two simple vertical cabinets were used to expand the storage space.

2. Make good use of space for storage design:

At the angle of the wall, the cabinet is designed in an embedded form to meet the large storage needs of the space, and this form maximizes the use of the space area and makes the overall space look more tidy.

3. The minimalist design concept integrated into the space:

The design of the entire study is mainly based on simplicity. Although the cabinet has a large storage function, the light texture and pure style brought by the white color also show the simplicity.

4. The warm texture of wooden style:

The display racks are like stacks of open or close square boxes. The use of wooden materials allows the natural warm visual sense to extend from the wooden floor to the wall.

5. Classic style storage design:

The design form of the entire storage cabinet not only has the beauty of classical balance and symmetry, but also shows a stable and mature living atmosphere, so the space design kills two birds with one stone.