Several Factors That Cannot Be Ignored in Custom Shoe Display Holders

At present, most of the brand chain stores on the market are customized display products, especially the shoe display racks are also designed and customized by the display rack manufacturers. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable display stand manufacturer for customization. However, now many people only look at the price and ignore other factors of custom display stand.

1. Material factors of custom shoe display holder

Needless to say, the importance of materials is clear. Choosing high-quality materials is the premise to ensure the quality of shoe display holders. This requires not only the selection of the quality of the materials, but also the strict selection of the suitability of the materials.

For example, for light-weight display stands such as shoe display holders, MDF can be used as the material, but the quality of MDF is uneven and the grades vary greatly, so it is necessary to control the quality of the material.

2. Process factors of custom shoe display holder

The paint baking process is an important technology, which often determines the technical production level of the display rack factory. This is because different sheets have different processing requirements.

For example, solid wood boards and boards with beautiful texture can be decorated with varnish, while those with poor texture may not be available, and ordinary artificial boards need to be finished with spraying, painting, and baking varnish.

3. After-sales factors of customized shoe display holder

The quality can be seen from the material of the shoe display holder, the technology of the paint process can be seen, and the processing of details also determines the advantages of the customized display stand.

We often say "details determine success or failure", which is also very knowledgeable in the display rack industry. Taking after-sales service as an example, a good display stand manufacturer has perfect production, transportation, installation, maintenance and other services.

Display rack manufacturers are faced with different display racks every day, especially with different production processes. Therefore, when customizing shoe display racks, you cannot just look at the price. If the display racks are produced according to the price, many manufacturers will generally use cheap materials. Then, the service life of the display stand will be greatly reduced.

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