These Common Sense Of Jewelry Showcase Customization You Want To Know!

The display of jewelry display cabinets allows consumers to enjoy all kinds of goods. At the same time, after some creative designs of the display cabinets, lighting and suggestions from shop assistants, people will choose the favorite jewelry. So what kind of products should jewelry merchants choose to display when customizing jewelry display cabinets? Here's an introduction for everyone.

1. The choice of jewelry showcase customization should also take into account the style and layout of the store to ensure the harmony and unity between the two. For example, the design of high-grade jewelry stores should be gorgeous, exquisite and artistic, while the general public should highlight the richness and detail of items.

2. It's also a good choice to adopt a comparative showcase product. This comparison method refers to the combination of jewelry and showcase with different colors and shapes to create a visual difference for people, thus rendering the theme and characteristics of jewelry. For example, jewelry merchants selling diamonds can choose showcase products with natural light source when choosing jewelry showcase customization, so that the color and texture of gems are more conspicuous under the illumination of light.

3. Generally speaking, the display can be carried out by the symmetrical method. The so-called symmetrical method is to display a piece of goods with the central symmetry as the axis. Therefore, when choosing jewelry display cabinets for customization, you can choose display cabinets with conspicuous symmetrical characteristics, such as rectangle, square, trapezoid and circle, etc., and then display the goods symmetrically in a symmetrical way. This effect is better than the general display.

Therefore, if we choose to customize the jewelry showcase, then we may as well start designing from the above three points, so as to make our own jewelry showcase, thus better promoting product sales and improving store sales performance.