Tradition and Innovation in the Display Rack for Shop

Because there is no development without innovation, the innovation of all artistic creations is an eternal topic. The so-called unique style and innovation refer to developing new ideas, exploring new artistic expressions, and finding new themes for showcase design on the basis of inheriting the effects of past design and creation.

1. The innovative development of the display rack for shop

In the field of store display creation, we also need to explore new structures, new technology areas, and develop new sources of data. Due to the constraints of the social, economic and cultural development stage, the jewelry showcase design at this stage has not yet formed a design style orientation that combines national conditions and a distinct sense of the times. The design of the display hanger for shop generally appears to copy the style of ancient European or Chinese showcases or In the case of showcase parts, this is the phenomenon recognized by the society as patchwork instead of design.

It is foreseeable that industry groups will become the mainstream of industry development. Thereby, the industrialization, intensification, supporting and regional branding of the industry can be realized. On the other hand, the natural formation of the agglomeration of display rack for shop design industry and the intentional focus of regional brands make the current display rack for shop industry gradually develop from corporate competition to regional competition. At least, the commonality and development characteristics of aggregation are preserved inside the area, while externally, the influence of each area of the showcase expands while maintaining a certain sense of mystery. Therefore, the existence of certain subconscious or unspoken rules in a certain industry cluster area has become the value of industry intelligence, but few people advertise it.

2. Specifications for the color of the display rack for shop

First of all, the color design is to serve the creation of the atmosphere of the store, and the use of color is standardized: the first of all color design is to serve the creation of the atmosphere of the store. And color can do this because of its sensual characteristics and rich expressions.

Cosmetics showcases, jewelry showcases, showcase designs, and showcases have a stable color feel that allows customers to buy with peace of mind. However, the color of the ceiling, walls, and floors that should be paid attention to should be matched with shades of light, so that the store will appear energetic and not make people feel depressed. Display furniture In order to achieve a unified store effect, each series has formulated color specifications.

Due to the cultural characteristics of furniture itself, lighting design specifications: jewelry store lighting is very important. In the disposal of the internal light of the jewelry store, the color of the jewelry display cabinet should not be too dazzling, nor too dark, and moderately soft, which can not only see the products clearly, but also create a cultural atmosphere of the jewelry store. It is also necessary to select different light and shade, color light sources and lighting layouts according to different theme functional areas.

For example, direct illumination can be considered in the place where the product is displayed, and indirect illumination can be used in the place where there is no product. Display furniture and jewelry stores have made strict requirements for lamps, ranging from the number of lamps configured in each suite to the brand and wattage of lamps.