3 Tips for Choosing a Sportswear Display Stand

Winter is coming, which is a good season for consumers to go shopping. There are many brands of sportswear stores in the commercial street, including simple, casual, modern, fashionable and retro styles.

For many clothing merchants, having a beautiful and functional sports garment display hanger is the ideal choice. There are too many styles of clothing display racks, so we don't know how to choose sports clothing display racks. Let's teach you how to choose a sports garment display hanger?

1. The visual effect of the sports garment display hanger

The design of clothing display racks should introduce factors such as plane composition, three-dimensional composition, and color composition, forming a relatively complete design principle and law in the design of clothing display racks.

In addition to the basic setting of layout space design, the basic premise of clothing display rack design is to be practical and display products, to study the psychological process of customers, and to make customers shopping naturally and happily.

2. The lighting atmosphere of the sports garment display hanger

The lighting of the clothing display rack comes from the light source on the top and the ceiling, and the inside of the showcase laminate is mostly illuminated by LED lights to increase the overall brightness.

In addition, the clothing display rack can use outdoor light sources and LED lights as auxiliary light sources to increase the three-dimensional effect of clothing. In particular, the clothing display rack against the wall can illuminate the angular texture of clothing through adjustable angle LED lights, increasing customers' willingness to buy.

3. The color of the sports garment display hanger

Sports clothing display racks should not have too many colors, which may easily cause consumers' visual fatigue, and too many colors will affect the display effect. The corporate logo LOGO should use standard colors, the color design of sportswear display racks should be concise, and the color design of sportswear display racks should be related to the color design of the LOGO logo.

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