How To Avoid Acrylic Display Stand Deformation In The Process Of Use?

Acrylic display stand is the most commonly used product in the category of display props at that time. The display stand made of acrylic materials has excellent corrosion resistance and impact resistance, beautiful function and reliable function, and has become the best display stand making materials recognized in this field. However, according to the professional staff of Aoxiang Keli Arts and Crafts Factory, if you don't know the characteristics of acrylic materials, the acrylic display rack that has been used for a long time and lacks necessary protection will also be deformed and damaged.

How to prevent the deformation of acrylic display stand, so as to maintain the excellent quality of acrylic display stand and extend its service life? Professional staff of Aoyakeli Crafts Factory indicated that it can be finished by the following methods.

First, choose elastic rubber gasket for the display stand, and add necessary buffer for the connection between acrylic materials.

Second, when processing acrylic plates, it is necessary to drill elliptical screw holes to cooperate with screw judgment to increase its strength and reduce deformation.

Third, when making a display rack with a large bearing area, we should pay attention to adding the thickness of the plate to prevent the deformation caused by the large bearing capacity.

Fourth, when the equipment fixes the acrylic display stand, attention should be paid to reserving certain shortening and expanding spaces to prevent the influence of thermal expansion and cold contraction on the display stand.

Fifthly, the impact strength of the acrylic sheet can be correspondingly processed by thermoforming, and the internal stress of the sheet can be released together.

Sixth, in the scheme, acrylic plates with appropriate weight should be selected according to the types of displayed products, not too thin or too thick, so as to prevent deformation caused by the discrepancy between the bearing capacity of the plates and the products.