How to Determine Custom Jewellery Display Shelf Size?

Jewelry display hangers are containers used to display jewelry. What is the size of the jewelry display stand?

Most of the design and production of general display racks are averagely customized according to the scale in the retail space, that is to say, the scale is generally not fixed, but determined according to the scale of the space.

For example, a jewelry store has a space area of 5x7. If a standardized jewellery display shelf is made according to a 5-meter edge, it can only display 4 sets of standard size display stands, and the remaining 200mm width, which cannot be used as a new display stand, nor is it enough. It has become an extraordinary passage, so this width is quite wasteful in terms of space, and the overall display effect will be greatly reduced. Then the width of 5 meters needs to be adjusted in the overall space layout planning of the jewellery display shelf or the scale of the display rack can be adjusted to adapt to the size of the space.

1. Regional physical characteristics of jewelry display hangers

Generally, the sales at the stand counters are women. The average height of local women is about 158cm, and the height of the jewellery display shelf is 1 meter high. When the salesperson communicates with the customer, the hands and the display stand will appear more natural; and the width is reflected when picking up the goods. It is easy to get the goods when the body is tilted about 20 degrees, and the image is also elegant.

2. The image standardization of jewelry display hangers

Salespeople generally have business etiquette training before starting their jobs, especially for brand-led companies, they care more about their service image and professional process. Therefore, the standardized image specification of the salesperson will be included in these courses. In order to ensure that the salesperson can easily handle the goods without losing his manners, a more ergonomic conventional scale is calculated according to human behavior.

3. Safe distance of jewelry display hangers

The width of the display stand not only contains the function of displaying and displaying goods, but more importantly, this width is more suitable for the safety distance between people (psychology, the safety distance between normal people is 1.2 meters), and the general salesperson is more enthusiastic and polite, very easy to deal with people, easy to keep a safe distance. 60 cm is a personal distance, which not only breaks the intimate relationship, but also breaks the polite relationship, which will push the salesperson into a professional personal consultant role, which will help both reliability and transaction volume.