What Are the Eco-Friendly Materials for Shoe Display Closet?

Development is needed in the era, and protection is needed for our home. The shoe display closet products also require environmental friendliness as the requirements of customers for shoe display closets continue to increase. "Eco-friendly materials" have become the basic requirement for producing display cabinets. So, how much do you know about eco-friendly materials used for producing display cabinets? Here, we will introduce several common eco-friendly materials.

Artificial board used for the shoe display closet

In order to achieve the effect of environmental friendliness, eco-friendly board materials emerged, mainly including solid wood eco-friendly board materials and technology wood eco-friendly board materials. The display cabinets produced from this type of board material have the characteristics of "environmental hygiene, uniform color and density". This can well avoid problems such as scars, uneven color, and wood grain in non-environmentally friendly board materials.

Green paint for the shoe display closet

The surface of many shoe display closets is painted. For this type of display cabinet, attention should be paid to the quality of the paint, as cheap paint can produce unpleasant odors and is easily volatile, which is harmful to the human body.

Therefore, we recommend choosing eco-friendly paint that meets standards, which can not only avoid producing an unpleasant and pungent odor but also not easily volatilize, making it more beneficial to protect the human body.

Stainless steel for the shoe display closet

Ordinary iron sheet materials tend to have surface rusting problems. Stainless steel has become an "optimized environmentally friendly material" in the production of display cabinets. It is recyclable and embodies the concept of environmental protection. It can also serve as a foil to highlight the characteristics of the displayed goods.

We recommend selecting manufacturers of the shoe display closet and request manufacturers to purchase display cabinet materials that meet environmental standards when customizing. This way, the quality of the shoe display closet can be guaranteed, giving you peace of mind when using it!

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