The Use of Materials and Interior Decoration Attention for the Customization of the Display Stand

1. Materials used in the customization of the display stand

The success of the display stand designer is inseparable from the development of the industry. The display stand design needs to go through three stages. The first is the production display stand design, the second is the marketing display stand design, and the last is the strategic display stand design.

With the continuous development of the market, display racks are used in shopping malls in major cities, among which jewelry shops and cosmetic shops are the most common. In the custom design of display racks, the designer's job is not only to draw drawings, but also to participate in production and marketing link. After all, the premise of design is to first understand the needs of customers and the actual data of the site.

Display stand customization is an indispensable process for shops, exhibition halls, and enterprises. Different choices of materials will change the design. This is not only to make the display stand beautiful, but also to make it practical for merchants to feel it. value. Most of the traditional display racks are solid wood, and the display racks will be full of the aroma of logs, so businesses and consumers can create a good marketing atmosphere in front of the display racks.

Solid wood and wooden display stands are still the mainstream direction of the market. It is mainly made of environmentally friendly wooden boards, followed by fireproof boards, glass, and decorative materials. With the advancement of design technology, wooden display stands also show more development trends, and the future display stands will be more exquisite in style and more complete in functions.

2. What should be paid attention to in the interior decoration of the display stand?

Most display racks will be equipped with switch buttons, the most common is the jewelry display rack, and its interior decoration will install lamps to make the jewelry more dazzling and moving under the light. The switch installation must not be sloppy, to achieve flexible switching and no strange sound, and to ensure its sealing. In addition, it is the installation of the lock. Before installation, you must pay attention to the pre-tightening force to avoid the switch lock being inflexible and affecting the taking of the product.

The interior decoration materials of the display stand are mainly E0 or E1 grade blockboard, and the surface of the display stand should be treated with fire-resistant paint, so that it is not easy to burn in case of fire. In the custom processing, the veneer should be done according to the requirements of the drawings, and the bottom plate and the back plate should be processed and customized strictly according to the size of the drawings to ensure the smallest error and achieve the effect of flat and clean display panels.

The display stand must ensure good sealing, and the sealant must be used properly. It is best to use imported environmental protection materials to ensure the strength and recovery of the sealing position. If the display stand has cabinet wheels, in order to ensure flexible rotation, each configuration must be properly connected, and the rotation frequency of the load must meet the standard.