What Is the Process of Customizing Display Props?

When customers intend to cooperate with our custom display rack manufacturer, the production lead time of the display rack will be discussed. The production lead time provided by the display rack custom manufacturer is half a month. Why does it take so long to customize and produce display racks? In fact, for many product display stands suppliers, the delivery time for custom-made display racks is relatively long. Some manufacturers who can ship quickly are all about preparing in advance. So, what are the processes for custom display racks?

Communication work before customizing display racks

Customers first contact customer service or sales personnel, and then communicate with the display rack designer about the product. During this period, customers need to communicate repeatedly with the display rack designer to better understand the customer's real needs.

Of course, this is a process of getting to know each other. After all, some customers' requirements are purely fanciful and cannot be implemented. Designers also need time to understand the customer's intentions. It is a process of repeated revisions. Designers need to confirm the design drawings with customers. This may extend the communication time if the customer has no time.

The production process of custom display racks requires exquisite craftsmanship

Next is the production time of the display rack. Although the time to purchase materials is relatively short, it is still part of the production time. Cutting and grinding are relatively easy at the beginning because one craftsman can operate one product display stand for shop. When it comes to trial installation, several craftsmen need to assemble it together.

After assembling, it needs to be re-measured until the size is correct, and then disassembled. After disassembly, the base coat needs to be coated, and the coating needs to be dried for a period of time before spraying paint or applying oil. Then it needs to be baked in a paint room to dry the display rack.

Packaging and transportation protection for custom display racks

After the painted display rack is cooled, it needs to be checked whether there are missing parts on the surface. If so, it needs to be repaired immediately. Then it needs to be protected by wrapping pearl cotton around corners and edges, wrapping shrink film, bubble wrap, and packing wooden frames, etc.

After going through the above steps, we have already spent a lot of time, but as you can see, it has not yet entered the important stage of transportation. The transportation time is determined by the customer's location. If the customer is nearby, the time is not long, but if the customer is far away, then the time will be even longer.

If the purchased display rack wholesale is in stock, the factory only needs to notify the warehouse to ship, which is naturally fast. The disadvantage is that the product selection that can be provided to customers is limited. The advantage of custom display racks is that they can better meet the needs of consumers, but because the products need to be redesigned and produced, the time naturally cannot be short. It takes at least 10 days or more even if it is fast. The specific production time of the display rack depends on the customer's order quantity, factory scale, and production equipment. Choosing a large factory can shorten the delivery time and improve production quality.