The Production Process of Jewelry Display Hanger and the Best Time for Customization

In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the market, if the jewelry display rack factory wants to develop better, it is very important to make jewelry display hangers well. What is the manufacturing process of jewelry display hanger?

1. Manufacturing process of jewelry display shelf

First of all, make a rough shape according to the requirements of the drawings, and then hand it over to the grinding area, polish the surface of the jewelry display hanger smoothly, understand the oil to fill the ash, and then spray the white primer; after the surface paint of the jewelry display cabinet is dry, continue to polish and scrape the ash, then spray the paint. Usually choose several times of lacquer according to the actual situation, jewelry counters are usually two bottoms and two sides. Of course, the process of the veneer panel is the same when it is modeled on the back. After the topcoat is sprayed, you must go to order the glass, measure the size of the glass, and wait for the glass manufacturer to deliver it.

Secondly, lighting is a very important key to a jewelry display plan.

Finally, it is the spatial layout of the display stand. The jewelry display hanger is a display space integrating exhibition and sales, so we must create a space layout with good visual effect, strong guidance and convenient viewing when designing.

2. When is the best time to order jewelry display hangers?

Many customers don't notice this, and that is the time period when the display stands are made to order. When it comes to marketing in the jewelry industry, every move is about the sale of your own items. If you want to order a display stand in time, decorate it in time for the festival.

Why do you say pre- and post-holiday? The festival is a festive day. According to reports, whenever the sales volume of the retail industry increases by 200% to 1000% during the festival, it is a day when a large number of consumers come out for activities, and businesses should pay more attention to this aspect of marketing. to attract consumers. For the jewelry industry, in addition to displaying jewelry and other items, jewelry display hangers are used to attract consumers.

The purpose of customizing a display stand is to buy a new display stand to enhance the image of your jewelry store. The more beautiful it is, the more attractive consumers will be. Consumers spend the most time before and after the festival. What they need to do is: before the festival. After the festival, use the appearance of jewelry display racks to attract more consumers!

Having said so much, everyone should understand why they should order display stands before and after the festival. Before the festival is a very good choice, customers can communicate with the display stand factory about 20 days in advance and place an order, then they can go online on time during the festival; if they want to be in time for Christmas and New Year's Day at this time. Renew your jewelry display hanger and greatly enhance the image of your jewelry store. Then, in the past few months, quickly place an order for the display stand factory and design your own unique display stand.