Three Point Analysis of Display Rack Production Details

As a manufacturer of display shelves, we need to constantly improve in order to avoid being eliminated by the display rack industry. Seeing different styles of display shelves in the mall every once in a while and studying different industries' display shelves is the source of our continuous progress. Different industries should pay attention to different issues in the design and production of display shelves. Next, our display stand manufacturer will analyze the details of display rack production for you.

Purchase of display rack materials

Prior to making display shelves, it is necessary to purchase materials. Display rack manufacturers need to be cautious during the purchasing process. First, they need to find qualified suppliers because they need to pay attention to whether many materials meet the standards. Therefore, someone with years of procurement experience should go for inspection, and the materials should be checked upon return to the factory.

Quality inspection of display rack craftsmanship and structure

In the various processes of making display shelves, the cutting errors of the panels should be within a range of 0.1mm to 0.3mm, and the woodworkers need to ensure their assembly is strong, and the smoothing and painting work is qualified, whether the paint surface is smooth, and whether the hardware parts in the drawers are smooth and the lights are working properly.

Packing and transportation of display shelves must not be taken lightly

After inspecting display shelves for compliance, careful packaging is needed. Packaging should not be taken lightly, as it is possible that rough handling during packaging, or hitting the display rack stand while making the wooden frame can occur, causing nail holes or other damage which clients will notice upon receipt of goods, resulting in additional repair costs. Delaying the client's time may also lead to losing a customer.

Display rack production is a complex and manual process, so we should pay attention to details. For display rack manufacturers, every detail of production is important, because only by handling the details well can good quality display shelves be produced. In the manufacturing, packaging, transportation, and unpacking processes, multiple inspections are required in order to properly serve customers and achieve long-lasting partnerships.

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