How Should Apparel Display Stands Be Placed to Attract Consumers' Attention?

The relationship between the effect of apparel display stands and sales is the closest and most prominent. The layout of apparel display stands in clothing stores is conducive to the sales of clothing in the store, so how should clothing store shelves be placed to attract consumption? What about eyeballs? Let's introduce it to you.

1. The important advantages of using apparel display stands

Customers are most concerned about the products when they come to the store, so they will turn their eyes to the apparel display stands as soon as they enter the door. At this time, if the apparel display stands are full of goods and very rich, the spirit of the customers will be lifted and they will generate greater enthusiasm.

Invisibly, there will be a subconscious: so many clothes here must have a style that suits you. As a result, shopping confidence is greatly increased, and shopping interest is high.

On the contrary, if there are few products on the clothing display shelves and the store is empty inside and outside, customers will be easily discouraged, and they will feel that there are so few clothes and there will be no products they want. Once this kind of psychology occurs, it will cause great resistance to free consumption.

Therefore, the first rule of product display is that the product display should be full. For example, a large number of wall-mounted clothing racks can be used to attract customers. A clothing wall is very spectacular. According to the color design and layout, the bright colors match the brighter hidden lighting in the warehouse, which makes people feel warm, while the cool colors dim the lighting, which looks mysterious in contrast and makes people want to find out more.

The floor-to-ceiling display gives people the feeling that the product display is full and very orderly, and the display effect of the well-designed layout gives people a beautiful enjoyment. There are a variety of different styles in the entire store, giving customers a great choice. When customers enter the store, they immediately feel that they can find products that suit them here, which enhances customers' desire to buy.

2. The apparel display stand can display the beauty of the product

Show the beauty of the product, the plump product attracts the attention of customers, what they want to know most is "how is this thing", that is, the quality of the product, whether the appearance is beautiful, whether it is suitable for wearing, smart merchants display the product at this time Always show the beauty of the product as fully as possible, both inner and outer.

The so-called inner beauty is the quality of the product. Quality is the lifeline of commodity image, and using commodity display to display good commodity quality is of great benefit to establishing a good commodity image. The display of the external beauty of the products on the clothing display rack is to use various means to beautify the products on the counter shelves, strengthen the external beauty of the products, and stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

It can be seen that the effect of apparel display stands is extremely important for clothing stores. If a piece of high-end clothing is casually hung on an ordinary hanger, its high-end quality will not appear, and it is difficult to arouse customers' interest.

On the contrary, if you "wear" it on the model with spotlights, and then match it with other foil decorations, its elegant style and fine workmanship will be clearly presented in front of customers, and customers will be easily moved by it.